Holidays in Sandakan – Borneo

In Borneo you can experience the great vacation adventure, in the jungle, at the sea or along one of the island’s rivers.

Perhaps Borneo’s dense, green canopy of tropical rain forest is just a part of the island’s secrets. Here lives the myth of head-hunters, white spots on the map and old forgotten pirate treasures. Here is a wildlife you would otherwise only see in nature films, from sea turtles to the most famous inhabitant, orangutan, “the man from the jungle”. Exactly how much experience and adventure you want, you decide but there are opportunities in Borneo for memories that will last a lifetime.

Sandakan – trips and tours in Borneo

Sandakan is a typical Asian city with bustling commerce and teeming street life. Here you can walk along the harbour and enjoy the exotic spectacle as boats from far and wide load and unload everything from timber and rubber to swallows’ nests, and palm oil. In the city’s compact but lively centre you will find markets that are a cacophony of colors, sounds and smells. Why not bargain on a sarong or a coffee table in genuine rattan? The city is also an ideal base for excursions to Borneo’s nature and wildlife, and you can easily get to several of Borneo attractions: Gomantonggrottorna which is home to thousands of swallows or jungle walks at Sukau River Lodge, to name a few options.

Best Hotel in Sandakan

Sabah Hotel is within easy walking distance of the city. Here you can enjoy a dip in the pool while you consider a trip to Selingan Turtle Island (Turtle Island) along with a day at Libaran Island, or maybe a trip to the Sepilok Orangutan Reserve. And if you do not feel so adventurous all you need is at the hotel.