Penang Holidays

Penang is equally remarkable for it’s beautiful beaches, stunning greenery, and bustling street life. The island is also an ideal base from which to make tours to see more of Malaysia.

Penang is 110 kilometres south of Langkawi and is a 20 KM wide and 3 KM long island with lush green hills, beautiful beaches and fine hotels. The best beaches can be found in the north of the island. Here you can live a comfortable sun and sea shore life in stunning surroundings. The beaches are golden brown and feature palm-fringed, bath warm sea, Many of the hotels in Penang have great pool areas as their centrepiece. Bring good walking shoes – all hotels offer trekking tours, from short strolls to day hikes in the rainforest.

Georgetown – Penang

Georgetown is a fascinating mix of old and new, of western and oriental. There are a multitude of markets, Chinese temples, Muslim mosques and Christian churches. Behind the quaint Chinese Quarter stands the 65-storey city hall, and the legendary Eastern and Oriental Hotel, sister hotel to Raffles in Singapore, it is easy to move back to Somerset Maugham days. Here, countless movie stars and writers drank afternoon tea and looked out over the sea.

From Georgetown are boats to the islands around Penang. Penang is also a good base for exploring northern Malaysia, a bit more. You can easily get over to the Malaysian mainland using Penang Bridge, Asia’s longest bridge. Bus and train services are excellent in Malaysia. Take real caution if you rent a car, driving in Penang can be a hair raising experience.