Backpacking Malaysia

Travel to / from Malaysia.

If you already in Asia, there are many options if you want to get to Malaysia. An infinite number of travel agents in Thailand offer bus tours to nearly anywhere on the Malay Peninsula. There are also airports in almost all major Malaysian cities. If you are still in the UK please refer to our Malaysia flights guide.

You do not need a visa if your stay in Malaysia will be less than 90 days, but it is a prerequisite for any visitor’s passport to be valid six months after entry. If you exceed the permitted duration of stay you could be sentenced to a fine. Should you stay longer than 90 days, or are planning to work in Malaysia it is highly recommend to visit The Malaysian Embassy before you travel into the country.

Warning: Some tour operators try to trick travelers from Thailand by asking for money for a visa to enter Malaysia, so watch out! It’s free to enter Malaysia.

Travelling around Malaysia

Bus Travel in Malaysia
Traveling by bus is a good and cheap option. In most cities, there are travel agencies that have daily departures to all major destinations in the Malay Peninsula. The buses are a good standard and night buses are a good choice if travelling on a long journey and on a budget as you will save the cost of one nights hotel. However, there are no toilets on the buses, and most drivers only stop if they’re told.

Price examples:
Penang – Kuala Lumpur: 26 Ringgit
Kuala Lumpur – Mersing: 22 Ringgit
Kuala Lumpur – Singapore: 30 Ringgit

Train Travel in Malaysia

If you are tired of long bus journeys you can take the train. The trains are modern, fresh and offer good service. Most have one or two train wardens which helps to make sure you get off at the right station. Unfortunately there are only two train lines, one going from Singapore via Butterworth and into Thailand, while the other goes up the East coast – through jungle scenery – to Khota Bharu.

Price examples:
Five-day pass: 150 Ringgit
Kuala Lumpur – Butterworth: 27 Ringgit
Kuala Lumpur – Jahor Bahru: 26 Ringgit

Malaysia Railways Website

Malaysia Internal Flights

Many of the larger cities have airports, and it is easy to book via the Internet or directly to the airport. The two main airlines are Malaysia Airlines, which is a bit more expensive but offers a bit better service than the other alternative Asia Airlines

See websites for pricing information:

Malaysia Airlines
Air Asia

Local travel in Malaysia

Similar to Thailand, it is cheap to take taxis in Malaysia. Although most taxis don’t have meters, so it is a fixed price that applies. If the price offered by the driver seems a bit too high, go to another taxi. At most bus stations and airports are areas where you can get a taxi.

Local buses in Malaysia are usually clean but don’t have air conditioning. At most major bus stations, there are information staff employed by bus companies who you can ask for help when you can not find the right line. Payment is done in most cases in front of the driver – have the right money ready.
Price examples:
Most local travel costs between 1-4 Ringgit.

Accommodation in Malaysia

Accommodation in Malaysia is just like the rest of Asia is a rather uneven standard, but there are plenty of places to choose from. For the cheapest rooms in big cities head to “Chinatown”.

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