Capital of Sarawak

Kuching – Western Borneo

The Capital of The Sarawak Province in Malaysia is Kuching.  The city has a population of some 450’000 inhabitants which makes it Malaysia’s fourth largest city. The city has a reputation as being clean, neat and tidy and is built up around the large Sarawak river which is it’s lifeline. Kuching is an old Malay word for cat and you’ll see statues of cats throughout the city. Home to some good museums, a wide range of restaurants and some good shopping and parks Kuching deserves more than a quick stopover on your Malaysia Holiday.

Kuhing Waterfront

Kuhing Waterfront

Near to Kuching is the Bako National Park accessible by road (one hour) plus boat (twenty minutes). At the Bako National Park you can take jungle trails of varying lengths – just remember that jungle trekking can be hard going and you need to plan for enough daylight. If you are lucky you may have an encounter with Orangutans in the jungle so be ready with your camera!

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